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Backfarm Purebreds

Welcome to Backfarm Purebreds, a cherished herd of Charolais cattle nestled along the banks of the Fairy Water, situated between of Omagh and Drumquin. Our farm is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the finest standards of animal care, sustainability, and the preservation of the Charolais breed's legacy.


Our Story

With a deep-rooted passion for cattle breeding, we have dedicated ourselves to nurturing a herd that embodies the essence of the Charolais lineage – known for their robust stature, gentle temperament, and superior meat quality.

At Backfarm Purebreds, we hold true to the principles of ethical farming, ensuring our cattle are raised in a stress-free environment where they can thrive and flourish. We prioritise their well-being by providing them with ample space to graze, clean water to drink, and nutritious feed that is meticulously selected to meet their dietary needs.

Meet the Herd

For Semen Enquires Contact: +447884078158


Silvermere Tesla
The Junior Champion, Stirling


In the News

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